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He is a musician named "HeyLasFas!"- He is preparing to perform conceptual music.
HeyLasFas! - #GoChieOrGoHOME

K. Icarus Gray I
Androgynous - Ace
Kirkland, WA
Conceptual Musician
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Did you know I can only think of four things at a time? Right now I'm thinking of experimental progressive music, time signature metered time signatures, cute anime characters, and a haircut.

No seriously, feel free to talk to me for whatever reason. Askbox is always open as well as Skype.

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Running Time: 38:31


Katia F. Managan is a young nineteen-something cat/girl/kajhiiti/thing that pretty much is terrible at literally everything, especially success. That’s a recurring theme here. 

[S] Try -or- Making A Cat Cry: The Rhapsody is a lighthearted piece divided in seven movements detailing the constant emotional detriment of everyone’s most favourite, and least successful courier. 

Taking this album seriously is incorrect. 

Featuring gratuitous cursing, a horrendous singer, terrible pacing, odd assortment of instruments, and nearly entirely recorded in HeyLasFas!’s bathroom, this album is potentially literally the worst album to be created by man and mer alike

Do not listen to [S]T-or-MaCC:tR. 


If you absolutely cannot afford this album and still want to have a copy, PLEASE do not hesitate to write me and I will make sure that you get a copy! Otherwise, if you could spare the money it would help a great amount to keep my work alive! (also pay the rent!)


reblogs are super appreciated! <3

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    Every album or song I work has easter eggs, silly!
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    HOLD THE PHONE. This album has HIDDEN MESSAGES?! Well, time to listen through it a 7th time! (Hopefully it’ll be as fun...
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