uhhuh HeyLasFas! #GoChieOrGoHome
He is a musician named "HeyLasFas!"- He is preparing to perform conceptual music.
HeyLasFas! - #GoChieOrGoHOME

K. Icarus Gray I
Androgynous - Ace
Kirkland, WA
Conceptual Musician
Audio Engineer

Did you know I can only think of four things at a time? Right now I'm thinking of experimental progressive music, time signature metered time signatures, cute anime characters, and a haircut.

No seriously, feel free to talk to me for whatever reason. Askbox is always open as well as Skype.

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absolutely nothing I'm populating the tag list atm -- things will be properly tagged within the upcoming days

This is what that huge scary opening to NULL looks like on a spectrogram.

12:03am · Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 · 4 notes
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