K. Icarus Gray I - Male
- Seattle, WA
- Musician
- Audio Engineer
- Professional Pretty Princess
- #teambird
- Artistic Designer
- Bachelor of Arts
- Barely Employed
- Boxers
- Single
- 1
- Rarity
- Lyra
- ARGcracker/master
- PC
- Ace Combat
- English Muffin
- Professional Furry

Armed with Microsoft Paint and a few other VSTs, a lone magician decides to compose music about various different quirky things.

You might know of me as that guy who wrote *Nightfall*.

No seriously, feel free to talk to me for whatever reason. Askbox is always open as well as Skype.

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Things You Should Talk To Me About
- Pippywish
- Ace Combat
- Audio Design
- Katia Fucking Managan
- Breaking Bad
- Thomas Was Alone
- Cave Story
- Dan Vs.
- MOTHER Series
- Stupidly Hard Games
- Curly Brace
- ARGs
- Sherlock
- Nicole Waterson
- Musical Composition
- Story Analysis
- Progressive Rock
- The Amazing World Of Gumball
- Team Bird
- Cats
- Treepunk
- raocow
- Spyro The Dragon


rawrimmakittycat asked
Thanks you so much! And don't undersell yourself. Even if you didn't put a lot of work into this album or if it didn't quite live up to what you wanted. It still sounds really nice to me and it's obvious you have a lot of talent. :3

Oh man, it’s more or less a joke the underselling and the self deprecation, I worked a solid two months straight (if you know how obsessive I am, you know how much effort I put in in two months) on writing this album and composing it and all that jazz.

I spent WAAAAY too much effort on this album. I’m damn proud of it too! I took an angry review and turned it into SPITE INCARNATE.

It was also the first time that I got to do a lot of super out there stuff I’ve always wanted to but never managed to fit in with past works.

  • Progressive Pop Ballad
  • Copelandish Score (in literally no meter of 4/4)
  • Big Band Jazz without the big band
  • Bebop Jazz without the scattin’
  • Trumpet Overture
  • Modern Surf Flamenco
  • Logical Extreme Beatboxing
  • Chillwave Industrial
  • Classical Piano Sonatina
  • Cat Piano

I REALLY tried too hard into making this album fun. I wasn’t particularly concerned with quality (I’ve literally recorded 60% of the analog instruments in my bathroom), but I wanted to have a hell of a lot of fun with complete disregard for modern contextual musical structure and theory.

And I don’t want to say that LITERALLY EVERYTHING I MAKE IS COOL AND RADICAL because then I’ll sound like a pretentious twit.

Who cares! I’m having fun!

Anonymous asked
*Flues back up on a chariot of gods and comes down on a humble cart begging for your wisdom of prequel text updates*

So like, there’s this service I use that checks RSS feeds (my three being Kaz’s tumblr, Mattatatta’s tumblr, and Prequel) and it sends the text over sorta immediately as any of these update

To be honest I totally forgot the service, but it’s still working for me so maybe a quick google search will help?

Anonymous asked
There is a kid in my school that looks just like you. I work in the lunchroom, and every day he comes in and asks for a chicken burger. Do you have family in the Eugene, OR area? (I might try to sneak a pic later)

Heh, beyond my mother and grandmother in Vegas, I’m pretty much all that there is to my family!

Anonymous asked
*Fkies down on the chariot of gods, beating an envelope with a gold leaf. As it opens, a thousand angles sing. The letter reads...* Prequel has updated.

I don’t know about all the Angles, but yo I get literal text messages when Prequel updates, yo



If I begin a sentence in any context with the phrase “save the cheerleader” and you respond “save the world” We’re pretty much already dating at that point.

alanjcastonguay asked
Up and to the right.


Anonymous asked
how did you make such convincing cat noises

By being such a convincing cat.

puresodanium asked
I found Pulchritudinous very catchy